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The Annual Furnace Check-up – Is it really necessary?

You visit your doctor for regular check-ups to maintain your health. You change the oil in your car to be sure the engine runs efficiently. Just like your body and your car, your furnace needs regular maintenance to keep it running at its best.

Regular inspections are often recommended by furnace manufacturers, who will sometimes include language in their warranties saying that damage caused by improper maintenance will not be covered.

For these reasons, we at Falls Heating & Cooling offer convenient and affordable furnace check-ups to Akron, Ohio residents and all surrounding communities. Our qualified professionals will inspect all parts of your furnace or boiler to be sure you are ready for those cold winter months.

When you schedule a furnace/boiler check-up at Falls Heating, our technicians will inspect the following:

  • ● Moving parts and belts, including electrical connections
  • ● The blower and vents for leaks
  • ● The pilot light and burner
  • ● Wiring for any damage
  • ● Hoses and drainage systems
  • ● Gas pressure
  • ● The heat exchanger for any corrosion
  • ● Carbon monoxide
  • ● Filters that haven’t been replaced recently by the homeowner.

Our technicians will also advise you on maintenance you should do yourself, including changing air filters frequently, and signs to watch for that could indicate a need for a service call or repair.

Your annual furnace check-up will give you the peace of mind that your furnace is running efficiently and safely throughout a Stow, Ohio winter. Regular maintenance also helps reduce monthly heating bills and lengthen the life your furnace, saving you money in the long run.

Contact Falls Heating today to schedule your furnace check-up, and ask us about our annual maintenance package. Let us keep you warm!

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