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Falls Heating & Cooling ESA Preventative Maintenance Program

Never having to pay full price for air conditioning repair or furnace repair services again is just one of the benefits you will receive when you enroll in Falls Heating and Cooling’s ESA Preventative Maintenance Program.

Features and Benefits

  • Annual Maintenance * will be scheduled between 8AM & 4:30 PM,Mon.-Fri. * We will call you to schedule! During peak season ESA tuneups may be rescheduled due to extreme temperatures.
  • Follow up repairs scheduled at customer’s convenience.
  • Service provided at 50% discount on diagnostic repairs.
  • Repairs made with a 10% discount on parts and labor.
  • Repairs have a 12 month parts and labor warranty on that specific repair.
  • If your home is sold, this agreement transfers to the new owner.


A safety and performance inspection is performed. Tests will be made for proper operation, carbon monoxide, combustion air, chimney draft and forced air applications, proper air flow. Pilot burners and flame sensors will be cleaned.


A performance inspection is performed. Tests will be made for
proper operation, refrigeration charge, and indoor airflow. Condenser coils will be cleaned with a “non-acid” type cleaner.

*Prices for repairs, cleaning and adjustments if needed will be quoted. No extra services will be performed without your approval.

For more information on Falls Heating and Cooling ESA Preventative Maintenance Program, contact us.

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